Lecterns, Podiums, Church Pulpits & Bespoke Reception Furniture

Novacrylics designs and manufactures unique custom lecterns, Church Pulpits, Podiums, Speaker Stands, (POS) floor stands, counter top displays, holders, plinths, and enclosures. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities includes plastics, timber and steel.

Computer Crafted Lecterns

All our Lecterns use CNC machinery and draw from a combined experience of 50 years craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise. 

Solvent Welded for Strength and Good Looks

Acrylic lecterns are solvent welded providing the best possible joint appearance and unbeatable strength. 

Hand Polished

Edges are hand polished with a jewellers flame. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Our wooden lecterns made from solid wood and real wood veneer are produced with high tolerance tongue and groove joints. 

Quality and Price Promise

We have a commitment to providing the highest quality products at a fair price, should you find a similar quality product for less we will refund the difference. Visit our Lectern online shop